• Maka Magic Truffles

    A guide to creating your perfect set & setting for your trip.

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Step #1
Starting To Feel It

Hours 0.5 - 1.5

You've ingested your desired amount of turffles, what happens next?

The sensation you usually feel are an average your brain creates based on past knowledge, this average calculation is diffused so you might feel both hot and cold in different places in your body, tingling and some confusion is normal as your brain adjusts to this new state.

Your stomach has the same HT2A receptors that your brain has so it too can get confused. Some nausea and needing to go to the restroom often is common in the first hour or so.

  • First Bites

    Truffles have a unique taste, eat them slowly and take your time, its not a race!

  • Body Aware

    You might feel some tingling or discomfort in your stomach, this is normal.

  • Introspection

    Your brain is gettting used to the feeling and sensation, let it do it's thing!

Step #2 Starting To Peak

Hours 1.5 - 4.0

This is when the previous knowledge stored in your brain is most diffused and sensory input creates the most surprise and novel experiences. You might be very sensitive to too much sound/light/input so take it easy on yourself and get to know what feels good. Having tools that help you control sensory input can be really helpful like sunglasses, ear plugs or ear phones, a hoodie. 

Your brain is more like the brain of a young child so be a caring self parent and make sure you have everything you need for your basic needs for water, food, warmth and safety. 

Changing small things like the music, lighting, eating a small snack or even just moving to a new location can help you navigate the trip. The less light you have the stronger the visuals will become as your brain has more freedom to guess what the darkness is. If things get too intense a great tip is to get your body moving or dancing. Your motor cortex has less 5ht2a receptors than other parts of your brain.

  • Body High

    Lights, music, touch are all starting to become increased, be aware of the change and move with the flow.

  • Friends & Fun

    Remember to stay with the group! Enjoying the experience is always better with your friends close by.

  • Enjoy The Trip

    Know you are starting to peak, remember to enjoy it, look around you take in the experience and just let go!

Step #3 Feeling The Afterglow

Hour 4.0 - +

New research shows that your brain stays in an extra plastic state potentially even days after tripping and that integration practices like journaling, drawing and talking to trusted others and including professional therapists can help people make some healthy long term changes.

It’s very important to get enough sleep after a trip. It can take some time to fall asleep sometimes so make sure you clear your calendar for the next day.

  • Being Calm

    You've experience dthe heights of your trip, now it's time to start winding down in a coazy safe space.

  • Nero Plasticity

    Your brains been through a nerupplastic states during your high, time to allow it the space to grow as needed.

  • Rest & Recovery

    Your brain and body just had a wild ride, give it space and time to recover back to your normal. Drink lots of water!

More Great Psilocybin Info & Research

From testimonaial to your pre-trip "checklist" we've got more psilocybin information for thoose looking to explore deeeper into the science around Maka Truffles

  • Learn More About 5-HT2A

    More detailed video demonstration the effects of psilocybin on the body by Sarah Hashkes at the Open Foundation

  • Checkout Our Tripping "Checklist"

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Find the most frequently asked questions below.

This is a natural psilocybin and pscilocin.

Psychoactive compunds which, depending on the dosage, have a hallucinagenic effect.

In the Netherlands, this product is therefore qualified as a stimulant.

These substances change the way our brain percieves reality.

Things that we know can seem different and parts of the brain the do not usually converse with one another get connected

It is important to be prepared and to optimize your (Mind)set and setting for a pleasent experience.

If you've made it this far we hope youve taken the time to read through our "tripping guide". If your looking for some more detials, here are some extra tips to prepare for your truffle trip.

Get plenty of rest before and after your journey.

Try a ritual like setting postitive intentions for your experience or have an object that holds meaning to you close by.

Be curois and ask yourself questions!

Clear your schedule for the next 24 hours. (do this before your trip)

Go on your journey with people you trust.

If it is your first time, we encourage you to start with half a dose and find an experienced friend or professional guide.

Try listening to music that you enjoy and find a relaxing, quiet space that is safe and comfortable to be in for a few hours.

Do not try and operate any heavy machiner, motorized vehicle, or power equipment while eating Maka Truffles.

Do not consume Maka Truffles if you are pregnant, or under the age of 18.

Do not combine Maka Truffles with other sustances like drugs or alcohol.